Sunday, June 26, 2005

Pundita Sidebar Disclaimer

Publication of a link on Pundita's sidebar or mention/linking of a source in a Pundita essay does not mean I agree with the source's political/foreign policy views.

I do not have a familial, business or personal relationship with any of the people/websites listed on the sidebar.

The blogs/websites I feature on the sidebar are chosen because they closely track a particular world region/situation and I find them helpful (at least during the period I list them on sidebar) to understanding an aspect of US policy.

This means agendists are unavoidable; e.g., a blog named "Regime Change Iran" clearly has the agenda to replace the current government in Iran. Yet I find that agendists can be a good source for news that is otherwise hard for Americans to come by. The caveat is that I doubly apply the Grain of Salt rule when taking in news and views from people who clearly announce themselves as agendists.

Pundita's goal can been seen as twofold: to understand the major trends of this decade and determine what makes for good US foreign policy in this era. Of course both goals are entwined and reflect my empiricist view of data related to policy (versus a theoretical view). The sources I list on the sidebar should be seen within the context of the goals, which explains why I exclude from the sidebar many websites/blogspots I enjoy reading.

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