Sunday, June 26, 2005

John Batchelor Program

Broadcasting since September 12, 2001.

Based in New York City (WABC radio), airs on many ABC radio stations throughout USA. Also available on Sirius and XM satellite radio stations. Show is three hours Monday-Friday nights.

The show airs four hours in WMAL region -- Greater Washington, DC region. Some or most of the fourth hour is aired during the regular three hour format, time permitting.

The show (or portions of it) is sometimes bumped by sportscasts; check WABC and WMAL sports schedules on local or WMAL/WABC websites. Also check website

The audience for John Batchelor's show is global. The show can also be heard via the internet via the WABC and WMAL websites; check the sites around the time of broadcast. See Batchelor's website for more information.

Revolutionary news format. First American news program to treat the United States as a superpower nation. First American news program to look at international news from a uniquely American perspective. First news program to integrate daily news coverage with 21st century issues--energy, space exploration, etc.

Witty, dramatic, and always fascinating presentation of the news. Brings back radio's Golden Age. Post-partisan* intelligence-based** news analysis and reporting. Unpacks background to major news events over days, months, and even years so that audience develops in-depth, coherent view of a particular world region/issue.

Analysis of US politics and European/other world region politics--Middle East, China, India, Former Soviet Union, African countries, etc. Reports regularly on State Department, White House, Congress, US intelligence agencies. Nightly in-depth reporting on war on terror. US history discussions, strong on US war history. Cultural trends. Discussions about new books on literary/historical figures.

The head of C-SPAN changed his schedule to make time to listen to John Batchelor and so have many Washington insiders and high-level government figures. During this fast-moving dangerous era, so should you.

* Post-partisan means Republicans and Democrats more-or-less equally get their blood pressure raised listening to the program over a period of a couple weeks.

** Intelligence-based means (a) the guest lineup can reflect guests with good sources in intellience agencies here and abroad, and (b) the show takes an empirical rather than agenda-based view of news.

The latter doesn't mean the show has no point of view (Batchelor is on the Hawkish side and strongly supports Israel); it means that Batchelor is more interested in getting the story straight than pushing his point of view. He is completely up front about his personal views on US foreign policy, which is more than can be said for any other broadcast (or major press) news media outlet in the USA.

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