Friday, June 03, 2005

Building Liberty's Century Policy

Two very different views of the world The key debate between the Brussels school of foreign policy and President Bush's approach, which is not yet a school of policy.

"Is it do-able?" Pundita explains a characteristic of American-style thinking.

Welfare to Work Program for Despots Bush's American-style approach to promoting democracy is still not grasped by the State Department and most congressionals but where there's life there's hope.

Bush Democracy Doctrine, plain English version The Bush approach is a chip off the No Child Left Behind Act.

Barney and the Theoretical Bubble Machine There has been backtracking at the White House since I wrote this essay but there are many signs that in Washington an empirical approach to defense/foreign policy issues is gaining on the agendist approach.

Making Bush Democracy Doctrine Work and a visit to Russia House

America, by what right do you lecture us on democracy?


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