Sunday, January 16, 2005

Letter Publication Policy

Pundita replies to all letters that contain sincere questions.

I do not forward your email to anyone or sell or otherwise share your email address with anyone.

Pundita reserves the right to make minor edits to the letters published on this blog and to shorten the letters. Deletes are indicated by the traditional three dots (...).

I cannot publish every letter I receive. However, if you don't mind your letter or a portion published, tell me this in the email (e.g., "okay to publish") and include your first name and the name of your city, or otherwise indicate that the letter is not for publication.

Common sense should apply if you want a letter published but don't want your real name published. Of course you can request that I publish the letter with a phony name and city.

And if you want only a portion of a letter published, write "Publish only this much" or somesuch to indicate which portion you want published.

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