Friday, June 03, 2005

What US policymakers should take into account about Old World nations

To the ramparts, fellow billionaire's! Save Russian democracy! Verticalization of corruption in Russia maps a key problem for most developing countries.

Paw, a Revenuer's at the door. Quick, Abdullah, put on your tribal headdress!" Without an adequate tax base, widescale poverty and systemic government corruption are entrenched in the Old World nations

The Enclave Mentality and the Oriental Stranger Syndrome Why it's so hard for outsiders to see the real problems in the Old World.

Going Native... US policymakers, expats, aid workers and foreign service workers beware: Don't over-identify with the situations you find in other countries.

System Failure Without an efficient judicial system and mechanisms of modern government, modern democracy can't get a strong hold in developing countries.

Candle Power Pundita summarizes her views on the right direction for US foreign aid and development policy.

Women Keep out of Politics, or why US Soccer Moms should be in charge of US foreign aid

The Man Who Saw Through People Lessons and a warning for policymakers from the life and times of Genghis Khan.

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