Wednesday, June 08, 2005

US-Russia Relations

I've written several essays concerning Russia since the last entry shown; I'll update the file as soon as possible. To find essays on Russia written since February, type "Russia" into the Google search engine at the top of Pundita's blog to bring up a list.

I'm often asked why I've written so much about Russia. Because the poor state of US-Russia relations is a textbook illustration of the US Department of State over-applying the Cold War NATOist mindset to foreign relations. Because Russia is a textbook illustration of problems faced by governments trying to transit to democracy. Because the distorted US press coverage of Russia and Putin's government during the past year are a textbook illustration of how a few elites and lobbying organizations can manipulate the major news media.

To understand something of present-day Russia and the mistakes of US policy regarding Russia is ward off many future policy mistakes with regard to a host of countries.

(In order of publication)

Dec 22, 2004
To the ramparts, fellow billionaires! Save Russian democracy!


Jan 27
Pundita stumbles across Meddlers, Inc., aka New Atlantic Initiative

Jan 28
The Plot Thickens: Putin takes on OPEC

Jan 29
Strike Up the Band! Yukos hired BKSH & Associates

Feb 01
Lost in Translation: President Putin's history lecture to President Bush

Feb 02
The Untouchables

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