Thursday, June 25, 2009

Swine Flu Desk

Previous Pundita posts about swine flu
June 17
Swine Flu Mutates in Brazil

June 10
H1N1/swine flu: Lost in WHO's wonderland

June 9
Thomas Frieden takes up his duties as director at the CDC. I hope Ray Nagin gives him an earful about China's method of fighting swine flu.

June 5
Swine Flu Pandemic: How worried should you be about birdbrains at CDC?

June 2
China's handling of swine flu bursts CDC's bubble

May 26
H1N1/swine flu: USA continues to play Typhoid Mary to the world, CDC continues to dither, but York Chow's John McClane moment is a beacon

May 21
H1N1/swine flu. Have CDC and Dr Thomas Frieden clouded NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg's mind?

May 20
Stop misleading the public about the true lethality of H1N1/swine flu virus. Memo to CDC, WHO, New York City Department of Health

May 19
Mr President, fire NYC health commissioner Thomas Frieden from his post as CDC director before he even starts to work there

May 15
Say, whatever happened to that 2007 Senate subcommittee report on CDC fraud, waste, galloping mission creep, and failure to control disease?

May 15

Enraged U.S. lawmakers, union leaders, attack Homeland Security's negligent swine flu policy

May 14
H1N1/Swine Flu: Was Cuba's airport blockade an over-reaction to the outbreak?

May 13
H1N1/swine flu: CDC and WHO help unleash a pandemic

May 11
Swine flu/H1N1: Your life, riding on the CDC's slow boat from China

May 4
What Joe Biden knows about the jet-setter swine flu that you don't
May 2
H1N1 swine flu: WHO circles the wagons in response to criticism they were slow to warn

April 30

H1N1 swine flu pandemic threat: While WHO and the U.S. government dithered,
Veratect Corporation raced to warn the world

April 27
Mexico-U.S. swine flu outbreak and the U.S. Department of Slime

April 26
Mexican-U.S. swine flu outbreak. Caution: blind curves and fog ahead

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